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NaNoPrep/NaNoWriMo: When Your MC Becomes Their Own Person (“New Girl” edition)

  1. When your MC first speaks up and makes their first decision on their own and you’re like:
  2. New Girl - It's possible i'm still in shockAnd they start making suggestions about what you should change/improve/downright axe in their storyline:
  3. That POV you finally settled on? Yeah, your MC thinks it sucks, and they change it on you, like:NewGirl-storytelling
  4. When they decide to disobey what you planned for them to do, despite you listing the cons of their new decision, and you’re like:newgirl-running from your probs
  5. No matter how much you emphasize that you know what you’re doing:new girl - teller of stories
  6. When they threaten to screw up the plot just to prove a point, leaving you with no choice but to listen to them:
  7. When Your MC sits you down and tells it to you straight:new girl - plans never work out the way we plan
  8. And it makes you think of a particular…a few particular…instances where things weren’t working out in your story planning. So you get a bit teary-eyed (you know, allergies) as you realize they’re just looking out for you:New Girl-don't want to screw up what i have with you
  9. Though you’ve reached new level of trust and understanding with your MC, you still need to put the readers on the edge of their seats: New Girl - forgive me
  10. Finally you’ve reached a point of reason, a new stage in your new relationship:New Girl - what's best for them not you

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